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George and Sue’s Excellent Adventure

  We Have To Start Somewhere….

           A Northern Ontario town and a nine year old boy is taking piano lessons from his Grandfather. Grandpa was the church organist and award-winning choir leader, and his gift was a life-long love of music to his grandson.

          A Southern Ontario town and an eight year old girl is going to choir practice and listening to local night time radio after lights out.

When George met Sue…..

           A young dental assistant is taking information from a new patient, he lists his occupation as musician, and mentions that he’s playing downtown.. That week-end she is out with a friend and remembers him. She enters the bar and the rest is (George and Sue’s) history.

 On The Road…..

           With a new truck, a tank of gas, Sue’s new drum kit, $10 dollars and a well used credit card, and George and Sue are on the road. Ontario towns, too many bars to mention, Ohio cities and then, with John (Ghetto) Gibbard, (who later went on to join Crowbar), Detroit.  With a six piece band, they settled into the “Surfside” on  Detroit’s East side, and the Goodtime Band started its long run. With a charismatic front man from Thunder Bay, Peter, whose specialty was Joe Cocker, Al Reid, a great local singer, and Myra, a young diva extraordinaire, that George and Sue disCoveed in Flint Michigan, they settled in for five fantastic years.  Michael Yurich, from Sault Ste. Marie was the guitarist and musical arranger .Also thanks to Cy and Donna Santavy, Danny Thibideau ,Merle Mills and Mel Turner of Detroit who were all Goodtime alumni. However, all good things must come to an end, and when the club was sold, it was time to head home to Sarnia. But first a memorable road trip.

 California Here I Come…..

           The Band was planning it’s last concert, (The Last Waltz) and Rick Danko (bass player), a solo career .George was invited to join Terry Danko, and Jim Atkinson, band members from the house job in Detroit, to go to California and form a band for Rick. After nine eventful months of session work in Shangri-La Studios, and watching the movie (The Last Waltz), being born and filmed, Canada called.

 The Local Scene…..

                    A two and a half-year house job at the Canterbury (Coach Stop lounge) then followed.

 George and Sue teamed up with Sue Garrett and Rick Steeves, who later went on to form Windjammer, one of Sarnia’s most popular bands of the 80’s. Rick Powell, another great local entertainer, then offered a summer at Grand Bend playing with him at The Gables. It was wonderful, filled with sun, surf and alcohol fatigue .But as with all good things, the end of summer approached. The next chapter was unfolding.

 Back On The Road Again….

           Windjammer having disbanded by then, George and Sue teamed up again with Rick Steeves and toured Ontario and Quebec for six years. A lot of miles and memories racked up, band parties and snow drifts, the trio headed home.

 Diva Boot Camp…..

           The experience that Sue and George had acquired was then passed on to the next series of talented ladies who joined the band. Chris Armstrong, recording artist from Toronto, Fran Anjema, Michelle Titian, Jaime (Lee) Keelan, and Pauline Dosley. Also, greatly appreciated in the line up at that time, was Jim Chevalier, guitarist and singer, and Terry Titian, Guitar Warz winner.

 Come See Us….

           George and Sue are currently living and playing in Sarnia. Come out and say hello, if you’re an old friend or new to the band, we would love to see you!      

          Check your local listings for our schedule; www., Thursday’s edition of The Observer, or e-mail us at

Thanks to all the following musicians and friends who sang and played with us and helped move the Hammond. (our apologies if we have forgotten anyone)….  John Gibbard (the Goodtime band’s first guitarist), Terry Titian, Sue (Garrett) MacIntyre, Mike Yurich, Rick Steeves, Ron Stutt, Mark Blayney, Ronnie Fray, Ron Webber, Tony Bandoni, John MacIntyre, Bruce Dean (aka Braino), Jimmy T., Jason D., Brenda Titian, Cy Santavy, Danny Thibideau, Merle Mills, Mel Turner, Brad McLean, John Cooper, Mark Burkholder, Jim Atkinson, Terry Danko, Jerry Baird, Keith Tuohy, Wild Bill Mayea, Cathy Landeryou, Al Weiss, Geoff Ainsworth, Conga John Maillioux. Greg Wilson, and Brian and Michael Webber, Eric Von Valtier and a good friend, Glen Myers.




'Sisters of Soul'

The Sisters (Of Soul) are four women, (plus George, he's our token male),

who play and sing.

They are Fran Schweitzer, Hedda Nicol, Sheila Ainsworth, and Sue Webber.


- Sisters of Soul -



May 31st/2014

Live Music Cafe

Foursquare Church Building

207 Talfourd Street

Sarnia, On

7:30 pm


June 11th/2014

Canatara Park Bandshell

Sarnia, On

7:00 pm


June 12th/2014


Hiawatha Horse Park

Sarnia, On

6:15 pm


July 1st/2014

Canada Day

Canatara Park Showmobile

Sarnia, On

12:45 pm


August 13th/2014

Canatara Park Bandshell

Sarnia, On

7:00 pm








- Goodtime Band -








Check back, more dates to be listed soon!




 Sue, Jaime Lee, Terry Titian & George

George, Sue, Pauline Dosley, Terry Titian

The Goodtime Band playing in Detroit

R-L Peter, Myra, Al, Jimmy, Terry

Sue & George

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Pauline, George and Sue

Sisters of Soul


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