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It is worth wondering why incense has regularly been used for centuries across various religions and faiths be it Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or most others?

One of the most important reasons why incense is used that it purifies the air and has an extraordinary soothing effect on the mind.

Just like candle brightens up a darkened room, the aromatic effect of incense offers tranquility to the senses.

Incense during meditation is said to dissipate the negative energy. Burning of incense helps to create a positive state of mind and helps condition the mind to associate the typical fragrance with a positive and calm mind. Successful meditation depends completely on the mental state of the meditator. Incense and candles facilitate meditation. While a candle creates a positive visual impact, certain fragrances in the incense impart positive impulses to the brain. More importantly these positive impulses, over time, become a natural response to that particular incense. The mind becomes "conditioned" to respond in a particular way when that incense is used. Just as your personal belongings, the incense to be used during meditation should be of a special type to be used only during meditation.

Scents In Stock

- Sticks -

Amber / Aquarius / Black Forest / Blueberry / China Rain / Cinnamon / Citronella

Coconut / Country Spice / Frank n Myrrh / Fresh Peach / Frankly Frankincense

Gardenia / Honeysuckle / Kama Sutra / Mint Chocolate / Nag Champa / Opium

 Patchoulli / Pina Colada / Pine /  Pot Pourri / Pussy

Sandalwood / Sex on the Beach / Sweet Apple / Violet / Watermelon

- Cones -

Sex on the Beach / Nag Champa

Kama Sutra / Patchoulli

If the scent you are looking for is not on the list e-mail us.

We have over 100 scents available

but the shipping time will vary depending if we have it in stock.

All scents are available in both sticks and cones.

We will ship anywhere in Canada for FREE with minimum $20 order.

USA delivery charges will apply.

Payments can be made via PayPal or e-mail transfer.

Delivery will range from 3-5 to 3 week depending on if item is in stock.



$2/dozen or buy 10 packs get one FREE!

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 Check out SarniaRocks variety of scents at 291 Davis Street, Sarnia, Ontario.

All natural, All Canadian. You don't like it return it for a 100% refund (must have at least 8 of sticks left).

Either visit us at Sarnia Ontario location or pm us your order at and we will get it processed asap!












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